Apr 132010

Apologies to everyone for my vacation from blogging. In addition to having to attend to several family issues, I’ve been working on a new set of books on Reiki. I’m hoping to have the level one Reiki book ready within the next few weeks, and I intend to offer it, along with an audio-file attunement, for free.  This will give anyone who wishes it the basic spiritual tools needed for healing themselves and others.

If you would be interested in receiving this free book, you may want to consider signing up for our feed either by email or through RSS. Otherwise, check back over the next few weeks and I’ll keep you updated on progress.

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  One Response to “Free Reiki Book Coming Soon”

  1. I was always told any kind of energy healing is work with spirits (demons) and were part of the New Age agenda.
    May I know what your thoughts about reading the Akashic Reacords to help other clear and “fix” the soul?
    I don’t think God is happy to know we now can read the Book of Life.
    Appreciate your reply Reverend.

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