Apr 282010

I’ve previously written about the founding bishop of my order, Lewis Keizer. He is, bar none, the most knowledgeable writer and teacher on esoteric subjects and the mystery traditions of anyone I’ve ever met. Bishop Keizer has dozens of books, courses and lectures available at his site, and presides over an independent order of priesthood and several initiatic organizations.

Now you have a unique opportunity to pick up an excellent electronic library of bishop Keizer’s books and presentations while sponsoring his worldwide tour of apostolic blessing. The bishop will be leaving in October/November of 2010 and circumnavigating the globe by boat for a year lecturing and bestowing his apostolic blessing on the world. To raise money for this voyage, he is offering a package of five of his  books, as well as dozens of video lectures and presentations in electronic form for a donation of $100 or as a CD for $150.

The titles of the books include The New Humanity: The forgotten Kabbalistic Teachings of Yeshua and the Evolution of Global Spirituality, The Kabbalistic Words of Jesus in the Gospel of Thomas: Recovering the Inner-Circle Teachings of Yeshua, Yeshua: The Unknown Jesus (Novel), The Wandering Bishops: Apostles of a New Spirituality, and The Authentic Jesus: A Guide to Aramaic Idioms, Recent Research, and the Original Message of Jesus Christ.

If any of this sounds like your cup of tea, or if you simply want to participate in a wonderful project to bless and raise the consciousness of the world, click on bishop Keizer’s donation page and sign up as a sponsor.

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