Feb 232011

Terry Patten As some of you know, I’m a big fan of Ken Wilber. His “Integral” approach to spirituality, philosophy, and life in general is cutting edge, and incorporates more truth than any other system I’m aware of. I’m currently reading a book which I hope to review here soon – Integral Life Practice, which was co-written by Wilber and Terry Patten. The purpose of Integral Life Practice is to expand yourself in all aspects of human development. It’s Wilber’s contention, for example, that meditators, for example, who also do strength training are both better meditators and better athletes than those who do only one or the other. Integral Life Practice involves selecting development practices from a wide spectrum of developmental areas to balance your development and make greater progress.

I just received an invitation for a free webinar by Terry Patten on The Three Essential Practices of an Integral Spiritual LIfe. Certianly one motive for the free webinar is to drum up readers for his newsletter, I also expect the webinar to be quite informative, and I wanted to pass along the invitation to the readers here. You can sign up for the webinar (which will be on Thursday, Feb 23rd, at 5:30 PST) via this link: Webinar Registration.

If you get this message too late, take a look at Terry’s sight regardless. I believe the webinar will be offered as a download after the event.

See you there.

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