Nov 012009

GabrielCousensI first was introduced to Gabriel Cousens through the Raw for Thirty video, which was previewed on YouTube. I had high blood sugar at the time and was looking for an alternative to medication. In this experimantal program, Cousens took a number of type II diabetics and put them on a raw food program for 30 days. The results were amazing. The program reversed the diabetes and normalized blood sugar. The diabetics were able to go off insulin and other medications. When I tried a similar program, I experienced the same results. My blood sugar normalized completely within a matter of weeks.

Since then I’ve found out a bit more about Dr. Cousens and I must say he’s an amazing man. A medical doctor, psychiatrist and family therapist – he is also an Ayruvedic practitioner, homeopath and Reiki master.

In short, Dr. Cousens not only feels comfortable blending the spiritual with the medical – he believe nutrition and physical health play a vital role in spirituality.  He runs a holistic retreat center in Arizona that combines spirit, mind and body approaches to health.

You can watch the trailer for “Raw for 30” that I found so inspiring  and look at more material by following this link.

Below is a short segment with Dr. Cousens discussing blood sugar issues with a young man.

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