Nov 062009


Bishop Lewis Keizer is the founding Bishop of the Home Temple order of independent priesthood, to which I belong. I have never encountered anyone with such a wide knowledge in spiritual esoteric lore and practice.

Bishop Keizer has an large library of courses on spiritual topics on his websites. He offers inexpensive seminary training leading to ordination in the independent priesthood, as well as spiritual initiation and guidance through several initiatory orders.  Degrees and classes in religious and spiritual studies are also offered through his institute.  His wife and fellow bishop Willa is also highly trained in Silat, homeopathy and various spiritual schools and disciplines.

Bishop Keizer, in all his materials, combines excellent scholarship and down-to-earth practicality with his vast spiritual knowledge. His teachings always take the latest scientific, archeological and historical discoveries into account, without being limited by skepticism.  Both his writing style and his voice are well honed for good communication.

If you are considering serious training in either initiatory spirituality or the priesthood, I would give his program first consideration.

You can find the Home Temple website here, and his Wisdom Seminars website here.

Just as an aside – while we do receive affiliate income from our book links, I have no affiliate program with Bishop Keizer. His materials are all extreemly reasonable in pricing, and I recommend them simply because they are wonderful materials.

Here is a sample of one of Bishop Keizer’s presentations

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