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A new favorite on my list of organizational gurus, Regina Leeds is known as the “Zen Organizer”. She explains in her books that what she is trying to bring to her readers is the feeling of peace, calm and clean that she experienced in her own (well-organized) childhood home. She believes that organization isn’t simply done for it’s own sake. “Newly organized areas of my clients’ homes quite literally felt different than they had before we began our work of transforming the space.” In describing this change of atmosphere, she expressed it as “Zen Organizing”.

Here at PathsToKnowledge, of course, we don’t limit our Zen to organization. But its very refreshing to read an organizer who understands that the primary purpose of organization is to gain an inner sense of peace that you simply can’t have if you’re life is constantly controlled and interrupted by the chaotic situations in which you try to live and work.

Regina’s most recent books are a trio based on the excellent model of breaking down our efforts to organize into a year of simply weekly tasks. To begin with general organization, Regina wrote One Year to an Organized Life, which I’ve reviewed previously. Extending this method specifically into the work environment, she next produced One Year to an Organized Work Life – which I still need to read, and finally in 2010 came out with One Year to an Organized Financial Life – saving what is for me the hardest topic for last.

Together, this trio of books takes a direct, hand-held approach to guiding you through the process of acquiring all the habits and values that will make you a more peaceful, calm, happy and (of course) organized person.

In addition to writing, Regina seems to be a very active professional organizer, with seminars, workshops and consulting appointments in addition to serving individual clients. She was named “Best Organizer in LA” by Los Angeles Magazine, and even has a former career in acting – which no doubt helps when getting her points across in seminars.

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