Oct 252009

david-allen David Allen and his system of Getting Things Done (known as GTD by fans) took the world of personal organization by storm several years ago.  While many previous teachers such as Hyrum Smith and Steven Covey had been focusing on the general principles of organization, David Allen came along and noticed that many people were failing at organization because of poor mechanics – not knowing the right “tricks”.

Allen takes the planning methods of previous generations and gives them a much-needed overhaul for the computer age. One thing that Allen noticed that had become more important in the digital age is the idea of CONTEXT. Rather than organizing thing strictly by priorities,  we should organize by our working context.

For example, if we are sitting at our computer, answering email, we aren’t going to shut our computer down and move to our next priority. We are going to do all our “computer” tasks at one time – while we are sitting at the computer. Allen’s system organized work into contexts of tasks to accomplish together.

Another of Allen’s principles is the “empty in-box”.  It is never efficient to look at an item and put it back in our inbox (whether literal or electronic). Items in our in-box should either be done immediatly, or moved directly to the appropriate project or context lists, so that it will be dealt with at the appropriate time.

David Allen’s books are full of smart, streamlined “tricks” to make you a more organized person Get one today.

Meanwhile, have a look at a brief promotional video below:

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