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Being In Balance: 9 Principles for Creating Habits to Match Your Desires is one of the latest books by Wayne Dyer. I’ve been listening to this book in my car for the last week. Wayne Dyer is always wonderful to listen to, and I think everyone should have a dose of Dyer every day to keep themselves motivated. Dr. Dyer has a unique combination of an enlightened message with an energetic presentation. His training as a teacher and speaker always makes his topics engaging.

In this book (or lecture series depending on which you prefer) Dr. Dyer works his way through a series of amusingly-titled rules for living life in balance. By balance, he is speaking of a harmony of our inner life, with our outside reality. The rules are:

1. An Infinity of Forests Lie Dormant Within the Dreams of One Acorn

2. There’s More to Life Than Making It Go Faster

3. You Can’t Kiss Your Own Ear

4. Your Addictions Tell You, “You’ll Never Get Enough of What You Don’t Want”

5. You’re Not *What* You Eat; You’re What You *Believe* about What You Eat

6. You Can’t Discover Light by Analyzing the Darkness

7. Fighting Any Adverse Condition Only Increases Its Power Over You

8. Love Is What’s Left Over When Falling in Love Fades Away

9. Earth’s Crammed with Heaven

Just in case you’re going crazy trying to figure out what “You Can’t Kiss Your Own Ear” means, I’ll briefly explain. It refers to the fact that sometimes our inner picture of ourselves is out of harmony with how other people see us. We need to get truthful feedback about how we come across to others. Not so that we can please others or meet all their expectations, but so that we know that we are sending the message we INTEND to send, and not a very different one.

There are some wonderful passages, quotes and stories in this book. The most memorable one is from a young child who was asked to define love, and said “Love is what’s in the room with you at Christmas if you stop opening presents and listen”. This one actually drew a gasp from the audience (the CD version is actually a series of lectures.)

I also think Wayne does a perfect job of defining the “ego”. According to Dr. Dyer, the ego is a set of false beliefs we adopt. These beliefs are:

1. I am what I own

2. I am what I do

3. I am my reputation

4. I am separate from everyone else

5. I am separate from the things that I need in my life

6. I am separate from God.

The book (or CD)  is classic, inspirational and uplifting. Another wonderful contribution from Dr. Wayne Dyer

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