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The Simple Feeling of Being is a unique anthology selected from the works of Ken Wilber. Ken is, in my opinion, the most comprehensive and enlightened philosopher of the modern age. His evolving system of integral philosophy takes in more truth and makes sense of more facts than anything else out there. If you haven’t read Ken Wilber, then I can absolutely guarantee that something is missing from your worldview.

That being said, the very comprehensiveness of Ken Wilber’s philosophy can be a bit daunting. Some of his more scholarly works in particular (such as Sex, Ecology and Spiritualtiy) can be a bit tough to wade through. Hence the purpose of this anthology.

The Simple Feeling of Being is a collection of the more “inspirational” of Ken’s writings, extracted from many of his major works. They include poetical passages, stories, illustrations and uplifting explanations. It is a book that you can keep at the bedside or in your back and open up when you simply need some spiritual rejuvenation. If you’ve ever read any of Ken Wilber and run across a passage in one of his books that sank into your heart and woke you up to the world of Spirit – it’s probably in this book. A few examples would probably serve well to illustrate.

“The world arises quietly this morning, shimmering on a radiant sea of transparent Emptiness. There is only this, vast, open, empty, clear, nakedly luminous. All questions dissolve in this single Answer, all doubts resolve in this single Shout, all worries are a ripple on this Sea of equanimity”.

“It is this primal resistance to unity consciousness that we must approach, not unity consciousness itself. For until you see precisely how you resist unity consciousness, all your efforts to ‘achieve’ it will be in vain, because what you are trying to achieve is also what you are unconsciously resisting and trying to prevent.”

“Since all things are already Spirit, there is no way to reach Spirit. There is only Spirit in all directions, and so one simply rests in the spontaneous nature of the mind itself, effortlessly embracing all that arises as ornaments of your own primordial experience. The unmanifest and the manifest, or emptiness and form, unite in the pure non-dual play of your own awareness – generally regarded as the ultimate state that is no state in particular.”

Some of the excerpts are only a few sentences, and non take more than a few minutes to read, so this book is perfect for contemplative reading – a lecto divino from a modern master.

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