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Raw Food Made Easy – for 1 or 2 People, by Jennifer Cornbleet. I don’t eat a diet that’s 100 percent raw, by any means. But the more I incorporate raw foods into my diet, the better I feel and the healthier I am. I’m not sure I’d ever want to go 100 percent raw, but most of us could benefit from adding more raw foods into our diet.

I shopped around quite a bit to find a good beginner’s “cookbook” to help transition to raw foods. Of course, it isn’t technically a “cook” book. More of an UN-cook book. This one seemed to come with the best recommendations, and I have been very happy with it. Jennifer Cornbleet starts out by helping you outfit a raw-food kitchen, and gives shopping lists of staples and recipe ingredients.

The recipe chapters cover everything from beverages, salads, soups, entrees, sauces, and even desserts. If I have a chance, I’ll post her recipe for raw vegan chocolate mousse, which is absolutely wonderful

Now I understand from raw food enthusiasts such as Steve Pavlina that as one get adapted to a raw food diet, there is less and less need to spend a lot of time and energy making dishes that are, to some extent, intended to mimic cooked foods. At some point, you might just prefer a bowl of grapes to some sort of raw vegan cake substitute. But I think a book like this is actually a great help in transitioning. Because one of the hurdles to be overcome with a move toward raw food is the fear that we are never going to be able to enjoy a delicious dessert or a hearty entree again. This book can get you past that fear. You will be amazed at how good the food is and how little you miss cooked food.

Be aware that the recipes are geared toward one or two people, so you will need to increase them to feed the number of people you are “cooking” for.

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  1. This book is amazing. I’ve recently gone on 10 Day Raw Foods Experiment and all the recipes I made were from this book!

  2. I love nutritious and delicious foods so I am always looking for a raw food recipe that is easy to prepare and not costly like any other expensive dishes that only offers good creativity but doesn’t offer enough nutrients. When people want to cleanse their system they are only opting for a raw food detox diet.

  3. This is my all time fav RAW recipe book as its so easy to make everything. I wouldnt be without it. Recently whilst moving house and in the midst of a 60day detox I couldnt find it so had to order another one (grins) so that I can be prepared when I am ready to start making my favorite JB recipe of Marinara Sauce

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