fathertransparentsmallOne of the ways you can support this site is through our affiliate links. When you purchase books or other products through our links, we get a portion of it back to help pay the bills. Amazon.com is one of our larger affiliate programs, and if an author or teacher that I like, or have heard good things about, offers their books through amazon, I will put up affiliate links to those products. If you’re thinking of buying one of these, consider supporting us by buying it through our links.

Rest assured, however, that I don’t falsely endorse products. If I say good things about a book or product, it’s because I sincerely believe them. There are plenty of great books and teachers out there for me to recommend without having to bother hyping something I don’t like.  Some books and products I will have genuine reservations about. I may still put up links to them, but I’ll tell you the issues I have with them.  Some people may find them much more helpful than I do. It’s your decision.

There are also a few teachers and products I have not had direct exposure to, and know only by reputation. I’ve tried to make this clear when it occurs.

We have affiliate relationships with:


Simply Raw (food that is)

The Reiki Store

In fact, it’s probably safe to assume that wherever possible, if any product I review has some kind of affiliate program, I have affiliate links to it.

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