twoWelcome to the new Paths To Knowledge. If you are looking for my old site, it has been moved to My old site focused on philosophical and religious opinion and discussion. Interesting to me, but not especially useful to anyone else.

On this new site, I’m writing in my persona as an avid reader and experimenter in the areas of self-development and improvement. I’m starting by exploring the teachers who have made the biggest difference in my life, in various “life areas” – spirituality, health and healing, psychology and relationships, and organization and finances.

I’m hardly perfect in any of these areas myself. But I’m better than I would have been without the help of some of these wonderful teachers. What I hope to do through this website is introduce you to the very best teachers, gurus and counselors in each of these areas, as well as general discussions of techniques and teachings for spiritual growth; radiant health; self-discovery; improved relationships; financial prosperity; and an organized life.

To find out a bit more about me, and how I became interested in spiritual and personal growth, have a look at my About page.

And I welcome your own comments and suggestions. If some teacher, book or technique has changed your life – share it with us here. Together, let us walk in the paths of knowledge.

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