One Way? Or Another... (The Salvation of Non-Christians)

One Way? Or Another… (The Salvation of Non-Christians)

Is Jesus Christ essential to the salvation of humanity? If so, how? One verse in the Bible in particular is often quoted by Christians to suggest that no one who does not explicitly believe in Jesus can be saved: Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh […]

Hell No! Part 2 - Scriptures Don't Teach an Everlasting Hell

Hell No! Part 2 – Scriptures Don’t Teach an Everlasting Hell

In the last installment, we saw that the idea of everlasting punishment is not compatible with a God of love. But isn’t a a hell of everlasting punishment taught in the scriptures? No, but they have been aggressively mistranslated and misinterpreted to make you THINK they do. Let’s start with the Old Testament. When Moses and the […]

Hell No! - There is no Everlasting Hell, part 1

Hell No! – There is no Everlasting Hell, part 1

Most people in the world will die and  go to hell, where they will spend an endless eternity burning in unimaginable agony with no hope of release, ever. This is what many churches teach,  often enthusiastically. But these days, more and more Christians are secretly embarrassed by this teaching, but are afraid to question it. […]

Rule #1 - A Simple Test of Your Christianity

Rule #1 – A Simple Test of Your Christianity

Why is it that people who claim to follow Jesus act in such contradictory ways? I’m not talking about people who fail to live up to their own standards of behavior. All of us do that. I mean people who honestly, sincerely seem to have completely opposite views about what it means to follow Christ?

So What is a Christian

It gets harder every day to explain my spirituality to others. I am a follower of the Master Jesus, and an independent priest. But am I a Christian? Many would say no, because I have unorthodox beliefs. C. S. Lewis argued, in Mere Christianity, that “Christian” should mean someone who claims to hold to the […]

In Defense of Q

In Defense of Q

Someone recently pointed me to a web side called “The Case Against Q”. This site does an excellent job of summarizing the problems with the Q hypothesis, but ultimately I believe rejecting Q creates far more problems than it solves. First of all, let’s review the relationship of the synoptic gospels  to each other. I […]

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