Feb 112010

Michael Pollan is the Knight Professor of Journalism at UC Berkeley. He is also one of the most interesting and persuasive writers about food, nutrition, agriculture and nature available.

I first ran into Michael listening to the Omnivore’s Dilemma. I’m not sure quite why I picked the book up, but I’m glad I did. What Michael does in that book is trace the history of four different meals from their origin to the table. In the process, he explores topics of agribusiness, food processing, advertisement and natural resources. As one reviewer put it, no one else except perhaps Stephen King can make a corn field seem so sinister. Michel is also one of the minds behind the movie Food Inc.

Readers loved the Omnivores Dilemma, but the reaction he got was “Ok, so what we eat is terrible for us. What SHOULD we eat?” His response to that was to write In Defense of Food, and Food Rules, which investigate nutrition and food science and try to come up with a workable answer to our eating dilemma based on traditional culture.

All of Pollan’s writing is richly researched, but written in an entertaining style. You’ll have trouble putting his books down, as he leads you from one unexpected fact or discovery to another. And he will inspire you with a desire to eat food that is more natural, traditional, locally grown and healthy. Apply his principles with dedication and you may just save your own life AND the planet.

Below is a brief clip of Michael answering questions about his book, Food Rules.

Nov 092009

home_steve_murrayI have a confession to make. I’m only briefly familiar with the works of Steve Murray. Murry is primarily known as a Reiki Master. As a Reiki Master myself, I offer healings and attunments to whoever needs them, but I wanted to provide links to a teacher who offered a wide variety of educational and healing materials for Reiki. And so I looked around and encountered Steve Murray. I’ve viewed one of his attunment DVD’s and was very impressed with it.

Murray offers a wide variety of books, CD’s and DVD’s that offer instruction, healing and attunments. His gets excellent reviews for his clarity and his content, and those who have purchased his materials seem very satisfied.

His books and materials branch off in quite a few directions, including the healing of pets and training in various psychic abilities.

If you are serious about Reiki training and want to use Steve’s video attunments, recommendations are to buy his Complete Guide first. And the guide seems to be very complete.

As an alternative, there is a very complete training and attunement system that is available from the Reiki Store at this link .

Below is a brief promotional video for some of Murray’s books:

Nov 012009

GabrielCousensI first was introduced to Gabriel Cousens through the Raw for Thirty video, which was previewed on YouTube. I had high blood sugar at the time and was looking for an alternative to medication. In this experimantal program, Cousens took a number of type II diabetics and put them on a raw food program for 30 days. The results were amazing. The program reversed the diabetes and normalized blood sugar. The diabetics were able to go off insulin and other medications. When I tried a similar program, I experienced the same results. My blood sugar normalized completely within a matter of weeks.

Since then I’ve found out a bit more about Dr. Cousens and I must say he’s an amazing man. A medical doctor, psychiatrist and family therapist – he is also an Ayruvedic practitioner, homeopath and Reiki master.

In short, Dr. Cousens not only feels comfortable blending the spiritual with the medical – he believe nutrition and physical health play a vital role in spirituality.  He runs a holistic retreat center in Arizona that combines spirit, mind and body approaches to health.

You can watch the trailer for “Raw for 30” that I found so inspiring  and look at more material by following this link.

Below is a short segment with Dr. Cousens discussing blood sugar issues with a young man.

Oct 252009

joel-fuhrman Joel Fuhrman is a medical doctor who writes on the topic of healing and weight loss through nutrition. His flagship book is Eat to Live, which is one of the most remarkably clear and informative books on nutrition I have ever read. Fuhrman, who was a champion figure skater earlier in his life, has apparently developed a reputation among other doctors of being the one they will refer a patient to when that patients life depends on them losing weight.

In fascinating and compelling writing, Fuhrman explains nutritional concepts in a way that motivate and inspire you. His diet is primarily vegetarian and low fat, and not only produces remarkable weight loss, but also reverses conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes.

Dr Fuhrman was also involved with Dr Cousens in the “Raw for 30” experimantal program for reversing diabetes which was so remarkably successful.  For those who aren’t quite ready for the raw food diet of Dr. Cousens, Dr Fuhrman’s diet is an excellent and wonderfully healthy alternative, combining raw vegan, cook vegan, and (in the maintenance phase) small amounts of animal products if desired.

Below is a video of Dr. Fuhrman describing his program and giving some amazing real case examples of what it can do.

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