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I’m very much into alternative and holistic health and healing. I’m a Reiki master and practice other healing modalities as well. I’m also very much an advocate of nutritional and herbal medicine. However, in spite of having a lot of friends who either practice homeopathy or use homeopathic medicine, I can’t really get on board. Here’s my issue…

Homeopathy is based on extremely dilute preparations of various active ingredients. In fact, according to some theories, the MORE dilute, the more effective. These are SO dilute that most orthodox doctors, chemists and physicists say there is simply no possibility of their actually having any effect. While I have a decent scientific education, I’m perfectly willing to accept that these scientists may be wrong about homeopathy. Perhaps, as some studies suggest, these minute doses really are effective.

Here’s the problem. We are constantly exposed to very dilute amounts of nearly EVERYTHING. Our food, our water, our air, the buildings we live in – all of these expose us to minuscule amounts of virtually every compound known to man (and probably a lot that aren’t known). This must mean that, homeopathically, we are receiving doses of thousands of potentially active ingredients. What is one dose of a homeopathic compound compared to the thousands of doses of other compounds we are exposed to?

Take, for example the homeopathic compound known as Natrum Muriaticum. For all the fancy Latin, this is simply Sodium Chloride – table salt.  In any daily diet – even without added salt – even if it’s all natural, we are exposed to more Sodium Chloride than we are likely to get in a single homeopathic dosage. So how can a homeopathic dosage have any effect whatsoever, that isn’t completely drowned out by the minute doses of hundreds of salts of various kinds that we are exposed to every day?

One possibility I can see is that the homeopathic preparations are actually a vehicle for some other effect – be it a spiritual/psychic one or an alchemical one. I can see even a drop of water as being a vehicle for the transference of directed energy. I wonder if, when results are obtained with homeopathy, the real cause of the healing is the intention of the healer. But if this is the case, homeopathy seems like an unnecessarily complicated vehicle. About the best one can say about it in this case is that it does no harm. Or perhaps the homeopathic substances are prepared in such a way as to make them contain a different form of energy than would be present simply in an ordinary, diluted substance.

I’d love to chat with some dedicated homeopaths and hear their take on this idea, because as open minded as I like to be, I’m still not seeing the picture here.

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