Dec 312009

The UltraMind Solution: Fix Your Broken Brain by Healing Your Body First by Mark Hyman MD is a book that I had included on my earlier list of gift suggestions for the health – conscious (The Gift of Health). The book piqued my interest because I have several friends and family members who struggle with such issues as depression, anxiety and insomnia, but who have had poor results with orthodox medicine and are looking for alternatives.

The premise of the book is simple – the brain is a part of the body, and problems in the brain are the result of problems in overall health. By using the latest in science and holistic medicine, Dr. Hyman gives you a program for finding your body/mind problems and fixing them with a total program of mental and physical health.

You can hop on over to Dr. Hyman’s website to find a complete down-loadable set of diagnostic tests that will help you decide which areas of body/brain nutrition are your weak areas. Then the program in Hyman’s book will give you the steps to follow to correct the problems, including balancing nutrition and hormone levels, detoxifying , fixing digestive problems, increasing energy levels and working on calming the mind directly. These suggestions are packaged into a six week program.

Some of his diet suggestions are radical, but some of the results reported are nothing short of miraculous. If you are struggling with mental issues and are strongly motivated to try  a solution that is guaranteed to make you feel better in every way, this is an excellent program.

Dr. Hyman’s website is found at Below is one of a large collection of videos Dr. Hyman has on Youtube explaining the principles of his program. Dr. Hyman is the kind of author who doesn’t stop at just a book, but puts out videos, guides, nutrition supplements and everything but the kitchen sink. The good news is that a lot of his information on the site and on Youtube is free. At the very least, you can get a good idea of what he’s all about before you plop down your money for his book. But when you’re ready to buy, we’d love it if you’d use our link above, so your purchase can help support our site. In any case, check out his materials and see if this is the kind of program that appeals to you.

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