Jan 282010

Personal Power II – Anthony Robbins. As I wrote in my introduction to Anthony Robbins, I never really paid much attention to Robbins because he seemed so faddish – appearing on every TV channel for years. Also, his high-energy style isn’t a very good match for my laid-back personality. But I found a copy of his Personal Power II CDs in the Library and decided “What the heck?”

So… I listened to them. And the verdict is – Not bad. Not bad at all. Let me make it clear that Robbins basically deals with psychological techniques. But he does that quite well. The CDs are full of interesting and effective techniques for changing your mental state, breaking habits, and achieving goals.

In fact, the other day I was driving and passed by a drive-through and had a terrible craving for some food that wasn’t on my diet. Normally I wouldn’t have been able to resist. But suddenly I found images flooding through my mind. Images of the negative consequences of not following my diet. And positive images of the good things that would result from sticking with it. And I passed the restaurant by.

Only after I passed did I realize that the images in my mind had come from a technique I had listened to on one of Robbin’s tapes a few days earlier. It had been an exercise in finding the “leverage” to change a behavior. And it worked better than any psychological “trick” I had tried before.

So if you like an upbeat approach, and want some excellent techniques to turn things around for you – try Robbin’s 30 day program. You can find it used for a pretty good price from Amazon, and the techniques haven’t lost any of their effectiveness.

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