Nov 272009

oneAs is obvious from this website, I’m a big enthusiast for self-development ideas. But not in a million years to I have enough time to follow up on ALL the self-development ideas I run across, or even all of the really good ones.

So I have an idea for collecting a list of the the ONE (or perhaps two or three) self-development ideas in each area of life that make the most difference. What one think could a person do, in each particular area, that  – if they had no time to do anything else – would be the best investment for the time and energy spent?

And I’d like to start it out with self-development as a whole. What ONE think, of all the other things that a person could possibly do – would make the most difference overall to improve their entire life. I have a few ideas myself, but I’d be very interested in feedback from any readers. What one thing to you do (or have you done) that helps the MOST in your life?

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