Nov 092009

home_steve_murrayI have a confession to make. I’m only briefly familiar with the works of Steve Murray. Murry is primarily known as a Reiki Master. As a Reiki Master myself, I offer healings and attunments to whoever needs them, but I wanted to provide links to a teacher who offered a wide variety of educational and healing materials for Reiki. And so I looked around and encountered Steve Murray. I’ve viewed one of his attunment DVD’s and was very impressed with it.

Murray offers a wide variety of books, CD’s and DVD’s that offer instruction, healing and attunments. His gets excellent reviews for his clarity and his content, and those who have purchased his materials seem very satisfied.

His books and materials branch off in quite a few directions, including the healing of pets and training in various psychic abilities.

If you are serious about Reiki training and want to use Steve’s video attunments, recommendations are to buy his Complete Guide first. And the guide seems to be very complete.

As an alternative, there is a very complete training and attunement system that is available from the Reiki Store at this link .

Below is a brief promotional video for some of Murray’s books:

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